These are the proposals in the manifesto, listed by the ministry. You may comment on the proposals, preferably with a view to selecting something for action. If you would like this to be considered as a project for further discussion as to the exact action desired, please advise in the comment.

Wildlife Law Aims

  1. A new Environment Act, similar to the Human Rights Act, with the core principle that everyone, and nature itself, has the legal right to live in an environment adequate to their health and well-being.
  2. The new Act to impose a duty on public bodies and the courts to act in compatibility with it, and to enforce planetary boundaries and environmental principles - such as “polluter-pays” and sustainable development.
  3. The new Act to include duties to restore habitats and species to favourable conservation status, to recover terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems to good ecological status, and to prevent the mistreatment of animals.
  4. The Act also to impose a statutory duty on the governments of the UK to meet the commitments of international environmental agreements, such as the Biodiversity Convention’s Aichi Targets, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, through cooperation, consultation, action, monitoring and reporting.
  5. Every citizen to be empowered to defend nature and the environment by enshrining environmental rights in law, allowing participation in environmental decision-making, and placing environmental information in the public domain.
  6. In order to protect these environmental rights, the government to establish an Environmental Court with environmentally literate judges, technical advisers and bespoke rules on standing, costs, intensity of review and penalties/remedies.
  7. Public funding to be provided for cases brought in the public interest by individuals and NGOs.
  8. If we leave the EU, an independent watchdog with sharp teeth and a wide remit to be established, empowered and resourced to take up cases on behalf of the public and initiate enforcement action of its own volition against all bodies performing public functions. 
  9. Penalties for wildlife crime and animal welfare offences to be dissuasive and proportionate to the offence committed, and an offence of vicarious liability to be established outwith Scotland in relation to raptor persecution.
  10. The playing field of planning to be levelled by introducing a third-party right of appeal, so the public have the same right as developers to challenge the merits of planning decisions
Pesticides Aims
Lead Ammunition Aims


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Wednesday, 23 September 2020