These are the proposals in the manifesto, listed by the ministry. You may comment on the proposals, preferably with a view to selecting something for action. If you would like this to be considered as a project for further discussion as to the exact action desired, please advise in the comment.

Lead Ammunition Aims

  1. Government to put the UK on the front foot by introducing a ban on the sale, possession and use of all lead ammunition across the UK.
  2. Food Standards Agency and National Health Service to undertake a public awareness campaign to promote the health risks from consumption of game shot with lead, especially to pregnant women and young children. 
  3. Individuals, NGOs and Statutory Agencies that manage land to ensure that any shooting that takes place on their land uses non-toxic ammunition.
  4. Statutory Agencies to ensure that these restrictions can be readily monitored and enforced and that penalties are appropriate, including the withdrawal of firearms licences for those who flout the law.
  5. Government to support the current European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) proposal to ban the use of lead gunshot in wetlands and support future restrictions in the use of lead ammunition for all shooting.
  6. Restaurateurs and celebrity chefs to ask suppliers to provide only game that has been shot with non-toxic ammunition and promote this in recipes and restaurants.
  7. Concerned members of the public to write to their MPs about the need to ban lead ammunition.
  8. Supermarkets that sell game shot with lead ammunition to be boycotted with explanation.
  9. Concerned shooters to use non-toxic ammunition and to encourage fellow shooters to do likewise.
  10. Campaigns mounted focussing on shooting organisations, asking them to publicise the evidence and the need for a switch to non-toxic ammunition.
Wildlife Law Aims
Wildlife Crime Aims


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Wednesday, 23 September 2020