This area is for commenting on the format etc. of the website pages and newsletter . As you will see the website is still pretty rough. I intend to tidy it up in as short a time as possible, but I am no expert.

The website appearance and facilities

I have been trying to develop this website for a time. I am not a professional website designer, although I do have several specialist self hosted Wordpress blogs associated with my hobbies, much different from what this website needs.

I have tried several formats, but the complexity of the site was too great to be developed without using professional software and extensions. 

It is likely only to be fully developed over a few months, as it needs to work in an autonomous fashion as far as possible . 

Some facilities I wished to include were not possible with the chosen software, so some of the methods are a bit of a fudge, but should be workable, but may need changing as the site develops, if it is successful.

After the website has the teething issues sorted out, I'd like to think about:

An app for Android to publicise the newsletter. The website is a bit much for a smartphone, I think, and it does not need all the content here.

Improvements to the appearance of the website, as it probably does not appear cool (hip may be equivalent in my vocabulary) to younger people at present.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2020