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Test Project - Labelling of slug pellets

This is a test project to demonstrate how this projects section might work

I'm concerned about the almost total loss of hedgehogs near me. I have had them hibernating in the garden, but no more for a few years.

It is possible that slug pellets have contributed to that loss.

My actions. First find out if it is in the manifesto. There it is " If you have a garden, stop using pesticides – weedkillers, ant sprays, slug pellets." Now it does not say why or go into any more detail.

ok. Now do slug pellets kill hedgehogs? Google helped me find the British Hedgehog Preservation society says: "Many PESTICIDES are potentially dangerous to hedgehogs and SLUG PELLETS are no exception." I'm not happy with that. I'd prefer a peer reviewed paper to identify which chemicals are dangerous to hedgehogs really and tackle pellets which contained them. 

I've also found an article which discusses the actual ingredients and the difficulty of knowing what is dangerous. It's here: " " . It is not as conclusive as I would like and even "safe" ingredients may not be safe. I need to see if there is any literature that is conclusive, but in the 2 minutes I've spent on this it is likely that there is not. I need to spend much more time on this but perhaps need to use a precautionary principle here which leaves me open to the charge of "where is your evidence that it is needed?", and I agree with that.

The RSPB has an article about slug control on it's website. I have followed the links to find suitable chemicals and poor chemicals, and only under further information does it mention that slug pellets can kill hedgehogs, but here it is : It is not unreasonable sometimes for the RSPB to be cautious. See but I have more to write on the subject. I do wish charities such as the RSPB and particularly Wildlife and Countryside Link to agree to cross promote this website and their campaigns to our mutual benefit, if possible. I'd certainly like to consider how this may be done.

It may be that the chemical metaldehyde is the certain one to go on the list of pellet chemicals which should require modified packaging, but there may be others.

Moving on I need to identify a regulation which could be adapted in UK law, and it presumably UK law that needs to be changed.

How about the matter of packaging of cigarettes, it's possibly what I'm looking for.

A quick Google found this "The new rules, which implement the Tobacco Products Directive (2014/40/EU), follow the Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Regulations 2015 and the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016."

Well that would do. As this is only a test, I won't make up an amended set of regulations about packaging of slug pellets, but I'm sure you can see where this is going. The obvious way is a petition to the UK government, stating on their website the basics of what would be involved, but mentioning the particular chemicals, the new regulation/s proposed, and having a handout giving greater details, although I don't know if referencing pages on other websites on the UK petitions websites is allowed. I know that it is not allowed in Scotland, because I have submitted a petition there.

This is only a test, and is the only project on the site so far.

Other people may wish to propose other projects in comments on this website, and if it gets coverage, perhaps other people can help get an effective petition going, not only about slug pellets.

To do that They would need to register on the site, which is not possible at present. It's not necessary to register or make comments or to receive the newsletter.

These people would be elevated in the hierarchy of the site and be able to post articles, still moderated by myself only as I need to ensure the site is suitable for a young (even primary age) person who is interested in environmental matters.

In the next month?
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Monday, 19 October 2020