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Establish a new Environment Act

This is a major undertaking, but scored highly in the review of the various aims in the manifesto. It does cover a huge amount of the aims in the manifesto, and is sorely needed.

Here are the major references covered in the new Act.

Carol Day, solicitor wrote the Ministry of Wildlife Law, P41 onwards of the extended manifesto available here. The aims on P42 onwards and here which would likely be  incorporated in the ACT, as well as the following aims from the manifesto. The dissertation on the proposed new Law may be found at P44 to P64 and here. (Complete but not yet fully formatted and checked on this website)

Establishment of LINK UK as describe by Chris Packham on P3 of the extended manifesto and here

 Allow for but not contain regulations to be able to be set down by Government Ministers such as these from the pesticides ministry here

8. Make cities/towns/villages pesticide free, as has happened in many cities abroad, such as Toronto.

9. Ban neonicotinoids from use as flea treatments on pets or as ant baits (these uses are not covered by the new EU ban).

10.Set up a nationwide scheme to measure levels of pesticides in soils and rivers.

and from the rewilding minister George Monbiot here

5. Make our national parks worthy of the name, by allowing habitats to recover and wildlife to return. 

8. Use natural flood management, including beavers, to hold back the water that falls on our hills, ensuring a safe and steady flow down our rivers. 

9. Create buffer zones between farmland and rivers, to block pollution and floodwater and establish significant wildlife corridors. 

and on P88 and here, talking about Natural England, Scottish National Heritage, Natural resources Wales and the equivalent in Northern Ireland "LIFE UK​ should assume and eclipse their roles. "

This implies that the requirement also applies to devolved governments, where the substantive issues are devolved. 

Starting with England a suggested wording is as follows:

"Establish a new Environment Act for England

The attempts by the present government 'to be the greenest ever' have been seen to spectacularly fail in many instances, and is now close to the quote from the former Prime Minister who said 'get rid of all the green crap'. 

This may be solved by introducing a new Environment Act, as set out in A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife. It could incorporate the setting up of  new body to replace the failed Natural England(NE), which, although the people in NE at the 'coal face' are able to be effective, the leaders focus on pleasing limited sectors of society to the detriment of their duties. A draft Environment Bill may well be available before the conclusion of the petition. 

I formed a petition for Scotland, but found that the government has started down the road already, and Scottish Environment Link, formed of lots of Scottish Charities, may well have already had input, and a consultation paper on strategy is likely the next step. I've still written the petition, so when I respond to a consultation, I'll know what I want to see in the strategy, but it does not need to be submitted in this form.

Petition to go to the Scottish Parliament.


Petition summary (This section should state in a sentence what action you are calling for).

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to implement legislation which provides an Environment Act for Scotland

What action have you taken previously to resolve this issue?


Petition background information.

Concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of Scottish Natural Heritage in promoting robust, scientific proposals in order to implement the wishes of the Scottish Government. I have been promoting the Manifesto for Wildlife written by Chris Packham and many others. A major part of this is the proposal for an Environment Act. The matter is devolved to Scotland, and this petition seeks to guide the contents of any bill presented to the Scottish Parliament. This is relevant whether Brexit happens, of even if Scotland becomes or stays a member of the EU. Other environmental charities are also promoting an Act, mainly through membership of Scottish Environment Link. I support but am totally separate from their efforts, and may be proposing some items which may perhaps not find their way into any bill proposed by the Government or Scottish Environment Link.

The Environment Act should encompass, for example:

Implementing fully Article 1 of the UNECE Aarhus Convention.

Setting European environmental principles in Scots Law, regardless of events later this and next year.

The ability to set ambitious targets to restore habitats, recover species and ecosystems to a favourable, self-sustaining status within the national and international context.

Imposition of duties on public bodies to respect fundamental environment principles.

A bespoke environmental forum to hear civil and criminal cases staffed by judges and technical advisers.

Penalties for wildlife crime and animal welfare offences to be dissuasive and proportionate to the offence committed.

A New Environmental Watchdog to be empowered and resourced to consider complaints about potential infringements of environmental law on the part of all bodies performing public functions.

A Third Party Right of Appeal in planning.

The Act should replace but enhance where necessary the measures in the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011.

Other legislation should be reviewed in case it may become part of or associated with the new Act, by for instance,

imposing a duty on public bodies and the courts to act in compatibility with it, and to enforce planetary boundaries and environmental principles - such as “polluter-pays” and sustainable development.

include duties to restore habitats and species to favourable conservation status, to recover terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems to good ecological status, and to prevent the mistreatment of animals.

ensure that the environmental issues caused by pesticides, flooding, pollution of all kinds, improvements in the natural environment set by the government are adequately measured and acted upon by the responsible authorities appointed by government.


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