Here the next ideas for the website, means of publicising, and similar matters will be discussed.

In the next month?

I hope to go through all the aims in A people's Manifesto for wildlife, tabulate and score all the aims, scoring those which would have the highest impact, be most likely to be implemented and other categories. Each category would also have a rating which would make to single score for each aim I1*R1+I2*R2+I3*R3 etc. This is a common method of determining what to proceed with based upon reasonable criteria. The result will be a score for each aim. I will publish the methodology, scores and the aims for the top 40. I will then place each of the top 10 in the Projects section, and if no one else takes up the challenge of "sponsoring" I will do it myself, all hopefully before the December newsletter. I will also rate the items in the November newsletter. I was not impressed with many of the proposals I researched. I will decide how many posts to include in the actual newsletter at that time. I will not remove the less highly rated ones from the website, only the newsletter. Of course I will also need to research if any other actions have appeared in the meantime, score them, add them to the website,  and and I will also try to publicise the website, so far only done at my local groups of NGOs as a means of seeing how this all works before I go more public and seek help in spreading the word about these actions in as many ways as possible.

In December at some point I will hopefully be able to confirm that the "ministers" and Chris Packham have no issue with what I am doing (copyright, methodology etc) and consider my next moves. I am not short of ideas, only time and ability.

However, to increase the impact of the website an newsletter, I think it is best to wait until I have completed the scoring, as it is less likely to be a "damp squib", and it is possible even then, I do admit. 

First review of PMFW possible actions
Test Project - Labelling of slug pellets


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Wednesday, 23 September 2020