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First review of PMFW possible actions

I have now done an initial review of A People's Manifesto For Wildlife, and the assessment concluded that:

  • There was plenty scope for petitions to the UK and other devolved governments.
  • Some of the aims listed in the manifesto could be combined
  • Some were dependent on the outcome of Brexit and should be left for now
  • Some seemed to need work within the environment sector. Perhaps myself (if needed) to work with others to determine a a suitable means to approach the environment bodies, perhaps through the various Environment Link bodies, or individually. Please note that I wish to approach Link and/or some of the individual bodies to work on joint campaigning, if that is possible with this website, with changes I may be prepared to make to allow this.
  • In some areas, I was not familiar with the bodies needed to approach and will revisit once I become more familiar, but likely will need the help of others in the particular field, mostly international bodies presumably with a UK body representing the UK.

There are only 53 actions (mainly petitions) and some of which have to go to multiple parliaments so after scoring them I'll be left with 10 ready to go, and may need to revise parts of the review as I get closer to it, probably increasing the number again. 

I should be completed within a week, hopefully.

Here is the assessment, also available as an Excel or shared Google Sheets format

PMFW initial assessment


Petition UK - Target reduction in pesticide
In the next month?


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Wednesday, 23 September 2020