Newsletter prepared in November but not issued widely. I thought some of these less worthy than others so scored others taken from the manifesto. No reason why individuals should not choose to do a lot of them which have not made the next newsletter. Further information on them all under Actions blog here, where they will stay until after the petition ends and reported on, if it is a petition.

Current UK petitions and other actions which may relate to A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife

I have not examined many of these in any detail. I will include more details in the next newsletter, and on the website. I intend each to have a dedicated post, as well as a dedicated area for formulating more actions, if people wish to do it on this website.If you know of other petitions which should be included, please contact the website. If you realise that any of the items listed here are not related to the manifesto, I'd like to know. In the next issue I hope to start ordering these by popularity of action in support taken which will be able to be recorded on the website by those who register to receive the newsletter, to make a comment or just to record action taken. I will not be automatically signing each action suggested here, and I suggest that others are also selective.

1. Dr. Mark Avery is calling for people to write to their MPs about A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife, and upon receiving the standard reply, requesting more information. Typical post on his site here

2. An independent study to find if driven grouse shooting is of economic benefit.

Driven grouse shooting is a minority sport which seriously compromises other activities and businesses over vast stretches of northern England. We need to determine if it is driving away more jobs and enterprises than it creates, which is likely - no country outside of the UK has it

Driven grouse shooting has been implicated in the loss of wildlife and oportunities for wildlife tourism. The uplands it dominates could instead have fully fledged ecotourism, natural flood alleviation projects, be more fire resistant, have woodlot forestry to provide fuel for those without mains gas, provide cleaner water and better fishing and be considerably better for general tourism.

3. Add a duty requiring MPs to act in the interests of their constituency's wildlife. Under the "Code of Conduct" MPs have a general duty to act in the interests of the nation as a whole; and a special duty to their constituents. An additional special duty should be added requiring all MPs to act in the interests of their constituency's wildlife e.g. conserving biodiversity.The UK is among the most nature-depleted countries in the world. 40% of all Britain's species are in moderate or steep decline. 1 in 5 British mammals are at risk of extinction. There is widespread evidence that a better relationship with nature can improve our health and wellbeing as well as make our country more enjoyable to experience, beautiful and resilient. It's time our country, with leadership from our MPs, forged a more caring relationship with their "wild constituents.

4. Support Revive UK by registering your support here.

Article in RPUK here.

5. Ban the shooting of Pheasants, Partridges and Grouse for sport.

35 Million "game birds" are placed into the countryside annually for shooting, disrupting the environmental balance. Native wildlife is killed to increase the number of game birds available for shooting. Damage to the environment and suffering to native species and to the game birds is unacceptable.

The the introduction of a tens millions of non-native birds upsets the environmental balance of our countryside increasing competition, especially for food amongst native birds. Wildlife such as foxes, crows, magpies, badgers and weasels are directly or indirectly affected by shooting, snaring, trapping and illegal poisoning carried out by gamekeepers. Additionally, the loss of predator species does in itself further disrupt the local wildlife balance as species such as rodents can then thrive.

6. Scrap The Forestry Commission Licence Agreements With Fox & Hare Hunts

7.  Amend the 1967 Forestry Act to protect endangered wildlife habitat across the UK

 8. Build animal bridges over country roads to stop them being killed in the 1000's

9. Enact an Environmental Law

Petitions past the open stage, with progress to date


PE01705: Wildlife crime - penalties and investigation

Website in support of petition, giving details and progress so far. OK, I admit it, it’s my petition and can be found at the link below.

Note: You cannot now sign this petition as it is already part way through the parliamentary process. The website keep people informed of progress.

Other Actionms or petitions.

10. This is a petition with relevance to the manifesto. I've signed it, but would have preferred to be supporting a petition to government, backed by actual proposals for draft change of legislation detailed. I'm not critical of the petition. The problems facing hedgehogs however, are much greater, all relevant to the manifesto. More actions are needed.

We need  to make sure new housing developments include ‘hedgehog highways’ -  a 13 cm hole in the bottom of a fence that allows hedgehogs to move freely between gardens to find food and find a mate.

If we can spread the word about the website here, we can get any petition up to a high number, but it does need to be supported by a lot of people subscribing to the newsletter or visiting the website regularly. Find out on the website how you can help.