Dr Mark Averyis an author whose books include ‘Inglorious: conflict in the uplands’ (2015 and 2016), ‘Fighting for Birds’ (2012) and ‘Birds and Forestry’ (with R. Leslie, 1989). He is an environmental campaigner who blogs about wildlife conservation and the politics of the subject at www.markavery.info/ blog. Formerly he was a scientist and Conservation Director of the RSPB. @MarkAvery

Patrick Barkham, educated at Cambridge University, is an acclaimed natural history author and journalist living in Norfolk. His books include ‘The Butterfly Isles’ (2010), ‘Badgerlands’ (2013), ‘Coastlines’ (2015) and ‘Islander’ (2017). He writes for The Guardian on environmental issues and is currently researching a book about children and nature. @patrick_barkham
Dr Amy-Jane Beerearned a PhD studying the developmental neurobiology of sea urchins at Royal Holloway, University of London. She spent several years in magazine publishing and now works as a freelance science and nature writer and editor. She has authored several dozen reference books for all ages and edited over 200 scientific manuscripts. She writes features for magazines including ‘BBC Wildlife’, is a Country Diarist for the ‘Guardian’ and a new columnist for ‘British Wildlife’. @AmyJaneBeer

Kate Bradburyis an award-winning author and journalist, specialising in wildlife gardening. She writes for a number of newspapers and magazines and is author of best-selling gardening book ‘The Wildlife Gardener’ (2017). Her latest book, ‘The Bumblebee Flies Anyway’ (2018), documents the transformation of a tiny decked patio in Brighton into a glorious wildlife oasis. She's passionate about inspiring others to create better habitats for wildlife in their own gardens and outside spaces. @Kate_Bradbury

Jill Butlerhas worked in countryside management and has been a volunteer with her local Wildlife Trust and for the Ancient Tree Forum. For the past 30 years she has travelled Europe to study trees, especially ancient trees and wood pastures, and has learnt that there is a unique biodiversity, heritage and cultural story associated with every species of tree. Since 2002 she has been a conservation advisor for the Woodland Trust. @Safernoc934

Mark Cawardineis a zoologist, an outspoken conservationist, an awardwinning writer, a TV and radio presenter, a widely published wildlife photographer, a best-selling author, a wildlife tour operator and leader, a lecturer, and a magazine columnist. www.markcawardine.com @markcawardinephotography

Mya-Rose Craigis a 16-year-old naturalist and environmentalist. She was a Bristol European Green Capital 2015 Ambassador and writes the ‘Birdgirl’ blog. She set up ‘Black2Nature’ with the aim of increasing the access to nature of Black Asian Minority Ethnic people like herself, organising a conference and nature camps for which she was awarded the Bath and West Show Environmental Youth Award 2017. She has raised awareness through articles, talks, panel appearances, including with George Monbiot and Caroline Lucas, and TV, such as BBC2’s ‘Hugh’s Wild West’. @BirdgirlUK 

Carol Day has a degree in Environmental Sciences and a Masters in Nature Conservation. She has spent over thirty years working in the voluntary sector, including Warwickshire and Surrey Wildlife Trusts and WWF. She converted to law in 2002 and now splits her time as a consultant solicitor between the RSPB and public interest law firm Leigh Day, working on a wide variety of environmental issues. @CHatton_Day

Dominic Dyer is CEO of the Badger Trust and British Wildlife Advocate of the Born Free Foundation. He is author of ‘Badgered to Death: The People and Politics of the Badger Cull’ (2016) and a lay member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Veterinary Nurses Council. Dominic is a leading wildlife protection and animal welfare campaigner, writer and broadcaster. @domdyer70

Professor Dave Goulsonis professor of biology at the University of Sussex. He specialises in studying the ecology and conservation of wild bees, and the impacts that pesticides have upon them. He founded the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and has published over 280 peer-reviewed papers and a series of best selling popular science books about bees and other insects, including ‘A Sting in the Tail’ (2014), ‘A Buzz in the Meadow’ (2015), and ‘Bee Quest’ (2018). @DaveGoulson

Miles Kinghas worked in the voluntary, public and private sectors of nature conservation for over 30 years, leading the conservation work at The Grasslands Trust and Plantlife. He has written several books and many reports on nature, including ‘England’s Green Unpleasant Land’, ‘Nature’s Tapestry’ and ‘A Pebble in the Pond’. He currently works at People Need Nature, blogs at anewnatureblog.worldpress.com and writes a weekly column for Lush Times. @MilesKing10

Bella Lackis a 15 year old conservationist who utilises her social media platform to engage all ages in issues facing wildlife across the globe. She is a youth ambassador for the Born Free Foundation, and is working with the Foreign Office on their Ivory Alliance project. Bella also blogs for The Ecologist and her personal blog callfromthewild.com to reach a wider
audience on issues that she feels passionately about. @BellaLack

Georgia Locockis a vocal young conservationist, birder and first year undergraduate student studying Zoology. She is very active across social media, on her own blog georgiaswildlifewatch.com and through her public appearances. She uses these as platforms to campaign about issues that she’s keen to impact and to educate others.  @GeorgiaLocock

Dr Robert Macfarlaneis a Reader in Literature and the Environmental Humanities at the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of Emmanuel College. He is the author of books on nature and culture including ‘The Wild Places’ (2017), ‘The Old Ways’ (2012), ‘Landmarks’ (2016) and, with artist Jackie Morris, ‘The Lost Words’ (2017). His work is translated into many languages, and has been widely adapted for film, television, radio and performance. @RobGMacfarlane

George Monbiotis an environmental campaigner, Guardian columnist and author. His books include ‘Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human Life’ (2014). @GeorgeMonbiot

Ruth Peacey is a film maker, conservationist and campaigner. She has been documenting the isues surrounding bird persecution during migration in the Mediterranean for 8 years, mostly through projects titled ‘Massacre on Migration’. She specialises in investigating conservation issues all over the world, exposing them through video content and social media. In 2017, Ruth won Birdwatch Magazine’s ‘Conservation Hero’ award for her work. @ruthpeacey

Greta Santagatahas a degree and Masters in Neuroscience from the University of Manchester. After working in science communication for many years, she then chose to pick up the camera and use the power of images to document the abusive relationship between man and nature. For the past five years she has been involved in environmental activism around Europe, reporting on wildlife crime as an award-winning film maker. @Gretasantagata 

Rob Sheldonis a freelance conservationist working through RDS Conservation. He specialises in species conservation, management planning and project management. Rob previously worked for the RSPB where he was involved in advising on nature reserve management and international species recovery. He recently worked as Director of the King Khalid Wildlife Research Centre in Saudi Arabia. @_robsheldon

Dr Ruth Tingayis a raptor ecologist and conservationist with a specialism in eagles and has 20 years of field experience on five continents. She is a past President of the Raptor Research Foundation, has authored 30 plus scientific papers and co-edited the popular science book ‘The Eagle Watchers’ (2010). For the last eight years she has been writing the Raptor Persecution UK blog, attracting more than 4 million views and the wrath of the driven grouse shooting industry. @RuthTingay

Hugh Warwickis an author and ecologist with a particular interest in hedgehogs. His latest book, ‘Linescapes, Remapping and Reconnecting Britain’s Fragmented Wildlife’ (2017) - tackles the issue of habitat fragmentation. His latest project, HedgeOX, is focused on reconnecting the landscape of his home county, Oxfordshire, to the benefit of hedgehogs. hughwarwick.com @hedgehoghugh

Harry Woodgateis an award-winning illustrator whose work has been featured in various magazines and recognised in a number of schemes including the Penguin Random House Student Design Award. Their distinctive style combines digital techniques with traditional print processes, and often deals with themes relating to politics, LGBT+ and diversity representation, and our relationship with the natural world. Harry’s first children’s book, Lonesome Bog & Little Dog, explores the ecological importance of bogs and wetland habitats. Their portfolio is available at www.harrywoodgate.com @harryewoodgate