It’s easy to imagine that ‘they’ will fix the environment. But ‘they’ won’t, whoever ‘they’are. Weneed to do it – meand you. Together we are stronger. Together we can make a difference. Identify your local green space (park, roadside verges, school field, cemetery, allotment, farmer’s field, golf course, industrial park, derelict land). Find out who manages it. Offer to help them, join the committee, volunteer, persuade them to leave wild areas. Steps to help nature are simple, cheap, and often save money. No green piece of Britain exists today without local people having taken local action. Join this noble tradition! Introduce a child to nature. Let them touch and feel it. Take them for a walk and give them the freedom to explore, climb a tree, catch a bug, bring a feather home. Do it once. Do it again. Visit a farm. Learn about where our food comes from, how it is grown and the pressures on British farmers. Buy local food grown with care. Britain’s wildlife won’t be saved if we don’t support good farmers. Urban trees are invaluable for everyone: politely liaise with your local council
to protect existing trees and plant additional ones for the future. If you live in a house or flat, install swift, sparrow or bat boxes by the eaves. If you have a garden, stop using pesticides – weedkillers, ant sprays, slug pellets. Liberate your lawn, let some grass grow long, leave piles of sticks in corners for invertebrates, sow native wild flowers for pollinators, feed garden 
birds, erect bee and bird boxes. Dig a pond – even a washing-up bowl-sized pond will boost biodiversity. Connect with nature through what you eat. Grow some food – rocket and
tomatoes in window boxes; cucumbers, runner beans, raspberries, blackberries. Home-grown tastes amazing. 
If you are a member of a conservation charity communicate with them. Don’t just pay your membership – volunteer if you can. Or tell them what you think they do well and where they should try harder. You are a shareholder in conservation. Join in with social media campaigns, sign petitions, explore new ideas, find your voice. Numbers count – be counted. Visit a green space you’ve never been to before. Look around, listen, breathe 
deeply. Feel a connection with nature. Share its beauty with others. Know its real value in your life.