If you’ve not been paying attention to the rich and beautiful British spring birdsong in the early morning countryside, you’re already too late.

It’s gone.
Tucked up in tractor cabs and wearing ear protectors as they spray the fields, our farmers haven’t noticed the loss of three-quarters of skylarks in a generation. The supermarket buyers don’t really care that half the yellowhammers that delighted Hardy have joined him in the heavens. The pesticide salesmen and their bosses have controlled the peewits that once
thundered across the fields. The curlews and the Snipe that “curlied” and winnowed through our landscape, they are gone and the clockwork Grey Partridge, and the Quail who can no longer “wets his lips” in the long grasses are going. The Cuckoo will be next, followed by Spotted Flycatchers, Nightingales and the Wood Warbler. Silent Springs are coming to our countryside, if not next year, then the year after.”

Mark Constantine, The Sound Approach