We’re living in exciting times. Rewilding has shown how we can reverse wildlife declines and how ecosystems can be rebuilt. Here, at Knepp, on land that was intensively farmed for 60 years, with no thought for the soil or future generations, we now have thriving populations of turtle doves, nightingales and purple emperor butterflies. We have peregrine falcons and long-eared owls. All these and many more have found us in less than 20 years. It just shows how nature will bounce back – if only we let it. We’ve got to encourage our politicians and policy-makers to focus on the environment – our lifesupport system. This has to be the future – finding ways to allow space for nature, rebuilding our soils for sustainable farming, restoring habitats for wildlife and recovering species we have lost, creating wild places where we can live and breathe and hear again: providing a future that is richer for us all.”

Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell
Knepp Wildland Project