"During my career as a Rural Chartered Surveyor, the government’s principal environmental policy has been delivered through the Countryside Stewardship Scheme. With 12,000 acres under management including cereals, livestock and vegetable enterprises, we have witnessed the tragic decline in biodiversity that is mirrored throughout England. Only after deciding 
to break with Stewardship requirements have we seen a significant turnaround, with insect and bird life returning to levels not seen for a generation. The fault with Stewardship is that it dictates what conservation measures are required of a farmer from a desktop, rather than knowledge of the land and particularly of the soil itself. The process is looking through the
telescope from the wrong end and until this is reversed, the degradation of our natural history will continue. Countryside Stewardship Schemes have failed and Brexit provides the chance to make radical changes before it is too late.

Anonymous Land Manager & Farmer