"The modern losses we bewail of the seabird colonies, the insects, the red-backed shrikes, the water voles, they all simply mask a black hole of historic destruction which is so horrifyingly huge that it is almost incomprehensible.
As conservationists study the diminishing delights in intricate detail they commonly fail to understand that these jewels, these fragments, now inhabit greying wastelands which fade with every ticking second. 
While we should react with a desperate drive to restore, to heal, to make better, in reality we bicker and viciously squabble. We belittle those who seek to promote change and lose ourselves in a labyrinth of pointless diversion which achieves nothing at all.
We desperately need more conservationists who are independent thinkers.
Who ‘do’ rather than witlessly ‘discuss’. Those individuals, who find ways around obstacles with a devilish glee, set examples of lives which are truly worthwhile. Lives for and on behalf of nature.

Derek Gow Wildlife Consultant and Conservationist