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Scottish PE01705: Wildlife crime - penalties and investigation

Note. You can no longer sign this petition, but it is only part way through the parliamentary process. This post will keep you updated.

PE01705: Wildlife crime - penalties and investigation

This seeks to include some forms of wildlife crime in the definition of serious crime, and proposes a change in the law to ensure covert video evidence is more likely to be heard in court. The means of doing the latter was, I have decided,  incorrect in my original petition, and I have devised a change in a different Act to better achieve the aim, without mentioning video evidence. It is, I freely admit, very complicated, and the last months since March have been a steep learning curve for me, more so than the 10 months I took to devise the original wording, because of what I have learned in that time.

Website in support of petition, giving details and progress so far. OK, I admit it, it's my petition and more information can be found at the link below. 

As there is a separate website for the petition, I won't trot out all the reasons anyone interested in A Peoples manifesto for Wildlife should be interested, but would direct you to the website above, where I am deliberating whether my petition would be damaged by including in my submission to the Environment etc. committee (EECLRC) information which I have found out about since I started the petition in March 2018.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2020