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Dr Mark Avery is calling for individuals to write to their MP in support of the manifesto

 Dr. Mark Avery is calling for people to write to their MPs about A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife, and upon receiving the standard reply, requesting more information. Typical post on his site here.

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Mark puts  lot of effort into his blog, and anyone who has an interest in wildlife could do much to become aware of some of the reasons for the state of our countryside by taking on board the huge number of posts he makes in his prolific blog. 

That said, I have not (yet) written to my MP. I have reasoned that I know what he will say, but perhaps I should not let him off so easily. 

I ca be pretty sure that he will parrot the party line, but I could preempt that by starting my letter by quoting it and saying I want a better response than that.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2020