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An independent study to find if driven grouse shooting is of economic benefit.

This is a petition to the UK government website.

Created by Les Wallace Deadline 2 February 2019 

Driven grouse shooting is a minority sport which seriously compromises other activities and businesses over vast stretches of northern England. We need to determine if it is driving away more jobs and enterprises than it creates, which is likely - no country outside of the UK has it

Driven grouse shooting has been implicated in the loss of wildlife and oportunities for wildlife tourism. The uplands it dominates could instead have fully fledged ecotourism, natural flood alleviation projects, be more fire resistant, have woodlot forestry to provide fuel for those without mains gas, provide cleaner water and better fishing and be considerably better for general tourism. 

3765 signatures reached by 11th November. 

At 10,000 signatures, government will respond to this petition

At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament

The whole point of this website is in assisting such petitions reach one, and preferably both of the target numbers. I do not minimise the difficulty of the achievement but if this website can help somewhat, I will be content .  It requires people who are not natural activists to see a copy of the newsletter and act on it. Only time will tell if sufficient such people can be mobilised.

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