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Amend the 1967 Forestry Act to protect endangered wildlife habitat across the UK

Amend the 1967 Forestry Act to protect endangered wildlife habitat across the UK 

Under the Forestry Act, in Scotland licences to fell woodland can be refused to protect endangered forest wildlife or granted with conditions to safeguard animals. Elsewhere in the UK, authorities cannot consider the impact upon wildlife such as red squirrel or bats when assessing applications.
Commercial forests provide jobs and produce valuable products. They can also contain rare and endangered wildlife. In some instances habitat loss may threaten populations with extinction. It makes sense that this risk should be considered when authorities consider a licence to cut down woodland.
Red squirrels and their nests are protected by law and yet the trees they live in are not. Let the rest of the UK follow Scotland's example and allow key woodland habitat to be protected too when needed

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Created by Craig Shuttleworth Deadline 6 May 2019

The only thing I have not yet done is satisfy myself that it is related to A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife. It seems to be on the face of it. I'll add it to my very long' to do' list.

I note that it does not suggest the legislative changes needed, or whether the changes needed in Wales would be different.

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