About charities and NGOs

Charities and NGOs in the wildlife or environmental field may wish to direct their members to the newsletter on a regular basis and by a link on the website. The aim is not to detract from or compete with any campaigns a body may wish to undertake either on their own or with other bodies, but to promote the Peoples manifesto for Wildlife, many of the aims of which may be of interest to the bodies and their members. Campaigns undertaken by such bodies may well be included in the newsletter. By all means take some time to consider whether the website newsletter would fit into your sphere of interest, as it develops. It is understood that you may not wish to support some of the actions, but equally if you are a charity, you cannot be reported to the charity commission for suggesting your members may wish to peruse the actions contained therein.

This is an appropriate place to discuss how Charities and NGOs are governed. They are very restricted in what campaigns they may support, for reasons discussed elsewhere. It is preferred that employees  or trustees do not use this website for taking the lead in promoting ideas your charity would not be prepared to do itself if the idea is related to the aims of the charity but not explicitly stated in the governing documents.  The charity may find itself under attack and this has happened in the past. There are plenty of individuals supporting or volunteering for charity/NGOs to take proposals forward. I’m happy that such people contribute to discussions but not taking a  lead role.

It is intended that the newsletter and website will cooperate with charities who believe they may not fully support the newspaper by the following means:

The website will call upon members of Charity/NGOs to write as a group using this method to the Charity asking for the charity to consider  a) mentioning the newsletter in their regular periodicals/newsletter and website. They may make it clear that some of the items suggested do not fully accord with their articles of governance, but that members may wish to consider the other less contentious items b) permit local groups etc. if they have any and if the local group so wishes, to publicise the newsletter meetings etc.  when advertising  meeting. In return, the newsletter will draw attention to those items which the particular charity cannot support. The website will in addition host a list of campaign efforts being undertaken by the charity. 

Further details here.