Individuals can help achieve the aims of the Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife by the following actions:

I need people to complete the petitions for the December newsletter, several of which are new, by reviewing the work done so far, become one of the 5  people who need to support the petition, or introduce it yourself.  I will be occupied most of the time completing and improving the website or handling my own petition, now before a committee in the Scottish Parliament. I'll certainly do it if no one else does, but I can't do the Welsh items, as I'm not in Wales. The newsletter is here, and the discussion are (Projects blog in the menu) is here.

Read the Newsletter on this site at least once a month, review the content and support those actions which they are prepared to undertake, whether it is signing a petition or other action

Alternatively people may follow, and retweet items which you like, the twitter feed @ManForWildlife which links to the newsletter, likely only once a month after the website becomes established, if you are on twitter, or become a friend of the Facebook account which announces the newsletter, if you are on Facebook.

Contact any charities or NGOs of which you are a member of in the wildlife of environment field, and ask them to include a regular link to the newsletter on their website and publications. Speak up at their meetings and ask for the newsletter to be publicised, perhaps mentioning your favourite action. The website has a section describing how this may be done as a group here. Please comment on that entry if you wish an email address to be set up associated with this website for a charity you support.

Join in or start a discussion on the aims of the manifesto where you can see a suitable action which can be taken. There are facilities on the website for interested individuals to discuss these.

You can just do something of the nature of devising and submitting a petition to one of the 4 governments in the UK. You can ask for the petition to be included in the newsletter and if it meets the small number of criteria here it will be included.