The Actions blog section lists petitions or other actions which are either still accepting signatures or are being considered by government or the persons to whom they are addressed, giving details of the petition and progress.

It will not promote actions which involve any telephoning, writing to individuals other than MPs and the equivalent in local or devolved governments, or similar tactics. If you support a petition, please only sign once. It is most important that any illegal mass signing is not done by those who support the petition. Please leave it to those who would wish to denigrate this and other petitions. You may be sure that they will likely be doing it in order to try to weaken the petition, once uncovered.

You can also sign up for a monthly email newsletter here, rather than visiting here regularly, which will summarise petitions.

These are petitions which are currently open which seek to implement manifesto aims.  It is not intended to support petitions which are not to the UK or devolved governments as these are the only petitions which can achieve fully the aims.  The hedgehog highways is an exception, but it will not achieve concrete results, unfortunately. Be advised, there could be petitions to the UK and if necessary the devolved governments which achieve the aim, without doubt.

My aim is to ensure that petitions which seek to achieve concrete actions in support of the aims of the manifesto for wildlife should all reach a level to be guaranteed a hearing in the UK or devolved parliament, with unreserved support from NGOs. This may be unattainable, but I still hope….

What should a petition contain?

My preferences are that it should not only relate to the Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife, but should also state which (or if an) existing regulation or existing legislation needs to be modified, and give a suggested wording in order that any eventual legislative action may be compared to the request.

Do sign a petition if you agree with it. Do not sign it twice.