This website has been set up because I could see a need for individuals who support some of the aims of A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife who might wish to take on areas inspired by the 200 ideas. I submitted a petition to the Scottish Parliament in March 2018. It acquired a total of 365 signatures. In Scotland luckily a petition is judged by the public petitions committee more on it’s merits rather than the signatures received. That’s just as well. In the uk parliament, only figures of 10,00 signatures and 100,000 signatures mean much. I am hopeful that if people who support the manifesto spread the word, together with charities or NGOs who should be able to publicise it without risk, then it will succeed in helping achieve high numbers of signatures for all supported petitions and campaigns.

I am willing to ensure that the website does not contain anything that a Charity/NGO would find objectionable, and am willing to discuss a set of principles with which the website content will abide, if any NGOs are concerned. Individuals and NGOs can contact the website privately or in the forum.