This website is designed with one aim, and only one aim. The aim is to assist in making a reality as many as possible the proposals within  A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife. It is intended to be suitable for individuals who are interested in the environment to participate, including primary school pupils.

If you just want to quickly subscribe to the newsletter, which will likely be issued monthly go here. There are no adverts, and I only need your email address in order to send the newsletter.

If you prefer to see what you would be getting first, go here.

It will try to keep people who visit this website informed of actions which, principally through petitions to the UK and devolved governments, attempt to make changes to the law to put in place the aims of the manifesto. The principal means that this is achieved is by means of a newsletter constantly maintained on the website, and a subscription can be requested which will likely be no more than monthly. The new newsletters will be made public by a single monthly tweet on the twitter account and Facebook account. These accounts will not likely be used for any other purpose.

The website will also allow individuals to propose petitions or other actions, preferably with draft legislation or regulations, working alone or with others, to formulate petitions.

The website will not succeed in it’s aim without the support of :

Individuals. Further information can be found here on what individuals can do to help.

Charities or NGOs who are active in the wildlife or environment sectors. Further information can be found here on what such organisations can do to help.

The Menu for the website contains various sections. The section called About explains what happens in each section, describing the section and whether there is provision for discussion.

It may be, if you have already read the manifesto, that you do not agree with it all. That is likely the view of many people. If that is so, however, please just peruse the proposals which are being acted upon, and consider whether you would wish to support it or contribute even if you do not agree with all that is discussed on the website.The website can provide a reduced content newsletter location for such groups if they desire it. The website designer will not be supporting everything. 

The proposals section allows moderated comments. The website is forward looking, and only limited discussion of past transgressions is preferred. There are lots of other websites focussed on recording ill deeds towards wildlife and the environment in the links section. All relevant comments are likely to be published, but may contain striking out of defamatory or combative sections. 

The website is organised to make the process easy and transparent, hopefully. The full content of  Draft one of the manifesto is here. There are sample/draft pages in all of the areas of the website. You may just dive straight in to the section which interests you. The website administrator will try to link all actions and projects by means of comments where there is a link which may not be obvious to other petitions, ministries or websites.

The website is as yet incomplete, but most of the basic features are there, after a fashion. It's not surprising that the components of the website do not always have the features I was looking for. You can comment on most aspects of the content.